Behind the scenes at Teen Vogue

main entrance

walls are filled with photos everywhere. I like pictures with a sense of freedom in them, which this shot has.

Andrew Bevan reviewing pictures in the conference room.

Jane Keltner de Valle with Andrew Bevan

hallways lined with clothes

shoe closet

shoe closet

shoe closet


On Friday I had to stop in at Teen Vogue to deliver some work that I recently did while in Europe. After spending some time with Andrew Bevan reviewing some photos, we took a walk through Teen Vogue’s offices and I thought you might find it interesting to see what things look like inside the 9th floor at 4 Times Square. The walk involved a quick stop over inside Jane Keltner de Valle’s office, a surprise visit to Mary Kate Steinmiller, and naturally, a walk through the closet. Back to regularly scheduled Models Off Duty shots tomorrow.


Teen Vogue shoe closet….doing some work up at 4 Times Square recently and got a tour of the offices….

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Ginta Lapina (Women, NY)

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Saskia de Brauw (DNA, NY)

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Riga, Latvia: behind the scenes at Dandy Model Management

Dandy Model Management entrance. Riga, Latvia is full of so many different types of architectural references as you can see from the rooftop of this building, which is Parisian in reference.

During the Soviet Era, all the designers were based out the building that Dandy Model Management is currently headquartered in.

Nils Raumanis, founder of Dandy Model Management. Nils discovered Ginta Lapina and Ieva Laguna among other top models.

THEN: Dmitrijis Kopeikins as a model

NOW: Dmitrijis is now the Director of Dandy Models, while Nils focuses on the scouting end of the business.

Dandy Models is a boutique high fashion modeling agency run in Riga. It’s run like a true New York agency, profiting from campaigns and bookings, as opposed to model training schools, a common approach in the Baltics. Dandy is #1 in the Baltics for male model representation.

Ginta Lapina

Dandy’s Dog

A motorcycle motif theme runs throughout the offices.

I just got back to New York from a Baltic State tour including Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. While in Riga, I had the opportunity to visit with the Dandy Model Management Team, the mother agency to Ginta Lapina and Ieva Laguna.

The one thing that impressed me most about Dandy Model Management beyond the fact that their founder Nils discovered Ginta Lapina and Ieva Laguna, was how their agency plans to integrate the internet with it’s agency goals. Click for a LIVE STREAM of their agency office as a case in point or have a visit to their web site HERE.
I’ll be shooting more behind the scenes action including tonights Victoria’s Secret show, so stay tuned for fresh updates!